Wednesday, April 30, 2014

25 Great Health Tips c/o Dr. Oz

 The doctor is in...Men's Health :)
The other day I came across this article. Yes, I do read Men's Health regularly; I find it highly relevant. I jest, but the title piqued my curiosity and I found myself clicking through the slide show to see if I was doing something right (because if Dr. Oz says so, it has to be right, right?)
So it turns out I'm following quite a few of his health tips (and there's some I couldn't possibly follow, from an anatomical stance :p), so I guess I'm on the road to good health.

Which of these tips are my top five?

1. Laughter. It definitely is the best medicine. If I'm having a lousy day, or I'm about to hang from the ceiling like a cat from all the stress, I take a time out, watch the Mindy Project, or just have a conversation with my sisters (some of the funniest people I know), and I feel so much better.

2. Tasting the rainbow. No, not Skittles; fruits and veggies. I've long know how important colourful foods to maintaining a healthy system and I've made great strides integrating these into my daily food options, though I have to count and see if I'm eating the nine fistfuls.

3.Yoga! I'm not a yogi master yet (goodness knows if I'll ever reach that level of flexibility/strength), but when I am doing yoga is when my body feels less sore and so much more flexible, and it really is a stress reducer. Sometimes I've been so relaxed (or tired?) that I've found myself nodding off during the breathing exercises.

4. Avoiding the fads. I've never been a proponent of those quick weight loss methods, if only because I hate putting restrictions on what I eat. And I could never live with a diet that consisted mainly of meats (Dr. Atkins :|). The main thing to remember: good things take time; lose the junk food, get physical and in due time, you'll be fit!

5. Dance, baby! Zumba, anyone? I can't honestly say I've ever seen a fella at Zumba class (save for one insanely talented instructor I had). Regardless, this is one fitness class I look forward to all week. I have fun, I burn calories, I laugh and at the end of the hour I feel fantastic. Dancing to stay fit? Get your groove on, people.

What are your top tips for great health?

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