Saturday, April 19, 2014

Double the Chocolate!

 That's an old zucchini from the fall that I forgot to freeze. Amazingly it's not decomposing.
School's out for summer....not quite forever, and no, I did not blow it to pieces (I should probably not even joke about that. Red Flag!!!). In all seriousness, though, I'm so relieved to be done with the majority of my coursework. Now I can take a brain break, and give my poor old kitchen some much needed attention. Whenever I want to celebrate something, I always look for chocolate. Good grade? That deserves some chocolate! Aced an interview? Why, I think a chocolate cookie is in order. Survived a Kinesis class? Two squares of dark chocolate wouldn't hurt :) So it's only fitting that I celebrate the end of the semester with some chocolate, while keeping it healthy!

The zucchini in this recipe (yay for fall freezing!) makes for a deliciously moist muffin, and if you can find some cacao nibs and grind them up (I used a coffee grinder) to use in place of the powder (I never have cocoa powder :|), you'll be in chocolate heaven! Also, the original recipe makes something like 20 muffins; I halved it, but you can double up.

 Healthwise Ultimate Chocolate Zucchini Muffins ( adapted from Iowa Girl Eats)

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